Community Training Interventions

  • My name Mrs. Johnson and this is a level one (1) course. All requirements of the units

  • The Housekeeping course is a ten(10) months comprehensive course that exposes learners to all aspect of the housekeeping department in the hospitality industry. The concepts will take learner through all the rudiments of the housekeeping opreations, that will qualify them to be employed in the hospitality industry both locally and interantionally.
  • This course includes business units such as organise workplace information, prepare for work and develop professional plan just to name a few of the courses you will complete during your time in training.
  • This is two credit course which is offered by the HEART Trust/NTA.  The programme will run for a period of six months.  Assessment activities will be carried throughout the duration of the programme at specified announced schedule.
  • The House Keeping level 2 programme is a course geared for those persons who have attained competence in the House keeping level 1 programme and are interested in further studies in this area. It lasts for six (6) months and classes are structured to be held two days per week, more specifically Tuesdays and Thursdays. A minimum of seven (7) units are expected to be completed during this period.
  • This data Operations Level Course consists of 14 core units and 14 Electives. In order to successfully complete this course and attain the Level 1 NVQJ Certificate all core units must be completed and 3 electives (2 level 1 units and 1 level 2 unit)